The Happy Pear Farm

We love growing our own where we can! Darragh, the youngest Flynn is really passionate about growing and set up the Sprout Farm in 2009. 

The farm has greatly developed since then and today, we grow a range of wheatgrass and healthy living sprouts in our purpose built growing rooms in Co. Wicklow which we supply to our stores, SuperValu, Centra and leading foodie stores across Ireland such as Avoca, Nolan’s of Clontarf and Mortons. We have been growing using organic seeds since the beginning and in 2018, our Bean Mix and Alfalfa sprouts became certified organic which we are delighted about.

Out of all the products we produce, our healthy living sprouts range are by far the healthiest. Not only are they one of the richest sources of land based nutrition available but they are also highly alkaline forming and easily digestible. Each sprout we grow has a range of different benefits. Our Organic Bean Mix is high in protein and high in fibre.

Our Organic Alfalfa Sprouts are great for stabilising blood sugar levels and are packed full of digestive enzymes making them easier to digest and absorb. Our Leek sprouts not only taste great but are high in protein and packed with chlorophyll which aids in digestion, detox and skin health.

These sprouts are all fantastic in any salad, sandwich or used as a garnish to top off any dish.

Our wheatgrass is nature’s natural multi-vitamin. Drunken as a 30ml fresh juice, our wheatgrass juice is incredible for boosting your immune system. 

You can try out all of our yummy sprouts, wheatgrass and fermented foods in any of our cafes, Church Road, Clondalkin and Shoreline.

Earlier in 2019, we have been chuffed to launch our sprouts in compostable packaging. By transitioning away from plastic, we aim to keep our planet healthier and happier in the process. Learn more about sustainability at The Happy Pear HERE.

If you fancy making some of your own feremented foods then try our simple recipes below!

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