Meet Lorraine, Accounts Assistant at The Happy Pear, and all-round arts-and-crafts queen extraordinaire! Lorraine is a dab hand at transforming unwanted junk into dazzling new items and has been crafting since her wedding, six years ago. Now, it’s over to Lorraine to share with us her best crafting advice!

Lorraine’s Love of Craft

I have always been into crafting in some way and loved doing things like making cards for my family. However, it wasn’t until six years ago, when I was planning my wedding, that I got into crafting more seriously. I wanted my wedding to be unique but didn’t want to spend lots of money, so I decided to make my own wedding accessories and base them on myself and my husband’s initials. His name is Peter and as we are big music lovers, we decided to go with the theme of ‘LP’, which stands for Long Player, another name for an album.
I made the wedding invitations and menu holders out of old records, which featured different music-based questions and quotations. I used cheap, old jewellery to make the bouquets and each one featured a brooch that I had been given by someone who had passed away. Those little touches made it really personal, although, admittedly, it was hard work and I did go a bit overboard with it all! I have made many different things over the years, such as cake stands, bowls and clocks out of old, scratched records.
These days, my focus is on making cards and wedding invitations but I also love to try out as many different crafts as I can. I would love to work with glass in the future and try my hand at stained glass and glass blowing.

Lorraine’s Top Tips For Getting Started

  • You don’t have to invest in fancy equipment in the beginning. Initially, it’s best to just get making stuff. When I first started making cards, I would use pictures from old magazines or record covers. I did eventually end up buying a press machine but I didn’t need it in the early stages.
  • There is a use for everything! Things like old cards, magazines and fabrics are all great to keep. You never know how an item could end up being reused! Also, if I come across a funny or inspirational quote, I will always make a note of it and incorporate it into something I’m making.
  • Start off small. Functional and decorative items for the house are a great starting point. I recently made a piece for my hall that holds keys and post.
  • Have patience! Each piece will take time but it’s worth it. If you are making a gift for a friend, they will appreciate the effort and time you have put into it.
  • Get inspired online. Pinterest is great for picking up ideas but -be warned- it is highly addictive!
  • Connect with a crafting community. There are plenty of communities on Facebook that will be happy to share tips and advice. Attending craft fairs can also help you to meet fellow crafters and learn more about different crafts.

3 Ideas For Getting Started

  • Old jars can be recycled into pretty party centrepieces. Simply wrap them in nice paper and fill with flowers or tasty treats. Finish by adding a flag with a table number or person’s name.
  • If you have old crayons lying around, why not transform them into rainbow crayons using an ice-cube tray with fun shapes! Chop up the crayons and place a selection of different colours in each mold. Heat in the oven at a low temperature for 5-10 minutes and then leave to cool overnight. Hey presto, you have yourself some funky rainbow crayons!
  • Making a superhero costume for the little ones in your life couldn’t be easier! Felt is a really versatile fabric to work with and great for creating the perfect superhero mask. An old adult-sized t-shirt can easily be cut into a cape.  

So what are you waiting for? Why not get creative and try making something yourself this weekend! Be sure to let us know what crafting creations you come up with!

For more tips and advice from Lorraine, feel free to drop her a line at [email protected]

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