Sample Lesson: Cognitive Health

Oestrogen levels can affect word recall, memory and so called ‘brain fog’ symptoms, and having levels that are both too low or indeed too high in some people can mean the sweet spot is hard to find. For some, HRT helps. Regular physical activity and spending time in nature helps, as well as prioritising sleep, trying out breathwork and meditation and avoiding alcohol.  Learning new skills and managing stress are also useful.

Sample Lesson: Menopause 101 – also includes Perimenopause

Women are usually born with two ovaries (egg containing baskets or organs) although one can go through life with no repercussions if there is only one functioning ovary. Each ovary contains a huge number of eggs, in fact thousands which reduce in number over time through a process of natural loss every month. There is no way to increase or reduce this natural loss of eggs. Only a few hundred eggs are used in a woman’s lifetime. After the onset of puberty, the ovary releases an egg most months, a process known as ovulation. 

Sample Lesson: What about Calcium?

Calcium is an important mineral for human survival. It is needed, as you probably already know, to keep our bones and teeth strong and healthy. Small amounts of calcium are also required for nerve function, to relax our muscles and for blood clotting.

Before the domestication of dairy cows was commonplace, many human populations evolved without dairy in their diet, consuming all the calcium they required from plants. Due to the artificial selection of sweetness, rather than nutritional content, many of the plant foods we consume today have lower levels of calcium than that of their ancestors. 

Sample Lesson: Benefits of Soya in Menopause

A randomised controlled trial showed fantastic results showed Just 1/2 cup or 86 g of mature soya beans providing 55 to 60 g of isoflavones was associated with reduced frequency and severity of hot flushes by 84% and improved quality of life in vasomotor, psychosocial, physical, and sexual symptoms in postmenopausal women when followed for just 12 weeks. The women involved in this study were following a completely plant based diet during this time. 

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