High protein salad burrito

High protein salad burrito

Below is a wonderful framework for a high protein rainbow salad, to make it a burrito simply take a tortilla and a generous dollop of your favourite hummus and a generous amount of salad, roll it up an enjoy this healthy delicious lunch or dinner! The framework below is from our book and you just use what you have so it super adaptable – the video will explain it better – hope you enjoy!




  • 25 % Cooked grains
  • 25 % beans/tofu/tempeh
  • 15 % cooked veg – include
  • 15 % raw veg
  • 5-10 % leafy greens
  • 5 % herbs and fruit & nuts
  • 5-10 % dressing and toppings


  • Framework method for the grain, bean cooked veg salads.
  • Cooked your grain – when cooking the grain make sure to add salt as you cook that way the salt cooks into grain as opposed to when you season later it simply sits on the surface.  Typically a grain doubles in weight from dried to cooked. Quinoa tends to triple.
  • To roast your veg preheat your oven to 200 degrees C, chop your veg into the size you like – coat in a little oil and salt, spread out well on baking tray and bake till soft and delicious – peppers typically take 15-20 mins, pumpkins & aubergines about 25 mins till soft. With aubergines you want to make sure you cook them till they reach a melt in your mouth like texture.
  • Drain and rinse your cooked beans/ lentils – a can of cooked beans is 400g and drained weight normally is 230g so best to use a can and drain and rinse them
  • Cut your raw veg, wash your leaves and herbs and chop.
  • With the herbs ensure to include the stalks just chop them nice and finely as they contain lots of flavour. With the exception of mint and harder stalked herbs such as rosemary thyme and sage.
  • Taste and season with salt and ground black pepper to taste or suggested seasoning section
  • Now think about presentation. In a large bowl start with grain, add the bean and the raw veg, add the dressing and lastly add the herbs, greens, cooked veg and raw veg and gently mix through. Add any toasted nuts/ dukkah to serve.
  • Alternatively add in the salad to a wrap of toasted bread with some hummus or vegan mayo and avocado for a delicious treat! enjoy!


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