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“There was a time when I was craving the orgasm, and then at some point it clicked and I started to crave the intimacy, the deeper connection. You get beyond the ego and you start to live from the heart. With food it is the same, you get outside of these immediate cravings for instant gratifications. When I think about sprouts, it’s this intimate relationship with this living force of energy, that’s in those seeds that contain the endosperm, the embryo, and all of the energy it needs to take a dry seed and grow into a vegetable!”

Episode 6 – Doug Evans

Doug Evans is a serial health food entrepreneur―selling to the stylish and chic as well as to the rest of us. He founded Juicero, and raised $120 million for the company that made the wifi-connected home cold-press juicer, “the Tesla of juicers”!

Known as the sproutman, Doug has been an advocate for sprouts and the raw food movement for decades. His passion has been his driving force, fuelled by sprouts, he is on a mission to give these growing medicinal foods the love and reputation they deserve.

A vibrant, brilliant, and energetic character, Doug brings us through his journey, his success and failures, how he managed to convince people to invest $120 million into his juicer and how we can all become healthier beings by consuming sprouts!

A brilliant episode – we have been eating two packets of sprouts a day ever since!

Big love,

Dave & Steve x

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