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Katsu CurryOrigin; Traditionally Katsu curry started in Japan at the turn of the 20th century or a bit earlier as โ€œTonkatsuโ€ a crispy breaded pork cutlet with a curry sauce. Possibly curry was first brought to japan by British soldiers from India. The Japanese call western or non Japanese dishes made in the Japanese style โ€œyoshokuโ€ Curry is now nearly as popular as Ramen in Japan. And Katsu curry is a thick sweet curry sauce that we serve here with breaded crispy sweet potato in place of the traditional breaded pork.
Creamy Curry SauceBe prepared for some soul food, this dish ticks all the boxes! It's packed with veg, is easy to make and it's packed with flavour - it's also a great one if you're a fan of meal prep as it keeps well and is suitable for home freezing!

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