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Our passion lies in our craft. Our craft is continually evolving so that we can give our lovely customers what they want. From growing fresh produce to producing wholesome products, from creating simple recipes to teaching healthy habits, from serving customers to spreading happiness and everything in between.

What’s new on our plates?

Autumn fruit 3 waysWe're well and truly into Autumn and one of the silver linings of saying goodbye to summer and hello to the chillier evenings is the abundance of seasonal fruit. Here we celebrate the best of Autumn fruit with pears, apples and blackberries, and mixed them up into 3 different desserts… First up is the traditional fruit filled Austrian Strudel with layers of flaky filo pastry and almonds, the next is a delicious crumble and finally a Galette, which is a simple flat rustic tart, from the Norman word meaning a flat cake, our version here is a simple open tart with a lovely shortcrust pastry crust.
Easy Vegan Chilli 3 WaysChilli 3 ways! Here’s a cool recipe on how to make a chilli and serve it 3 different ways to make it more interesting - the idea was to spend less than €10 feed 2 people for 3 different dinners, so we made a loaded chilli baked potato, sweet potato chilli burrito and a 3 bean chilli and couscous.
‘Cheesy’ Nacho BowlA healthier take on the original here, as we bake the tortillas instead of deep-frying them. Combined with a lovely zingy salsa and refried black beans, it makes a fab shared snack for parties - defo one of our fav sharing party plates! This is based on a Mexican dish called chilaquiles, which we had a variation of in our friend Luca's fab café, the Fumbally. If you're in a rush, simply replace the tortillas with your fav tortilla chips to save time! For the cheese recipe, click here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP5NZe7m0fg

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