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Since 2004, Dave and Steve have been on a mission to make fruit and veg sexy and this podcast is about inspiring you to be a happier, healthier version of yourself.

We talk to all walks of life; from deep thinkers, journalists, artists, musicians, poets, to scientists, doctors, athletes, and those who specialise in their field.

A new episode will be shared each Wednesday across all major platforms. We would love to hear your thoughts and if you like what you hear please share and subscribe so we can continue the conversation.

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David and Stephen Flynn
David and Stephen Flynn

The Secret to health is that we all become a product of our environment and the people we spend most time with. With that in mind our new app is design to support you to become healthier and happy via community and support.
Our new revolutionary app includes:

Hundreds of delicious plant-based recipes and meal plans from Dave & Steve

Practical tips and lessons from expert doctors, dieticians, and performance psychologists

Community feed and groups to encourage a healthier and happier you

Guidance from leading medical experts and lifestyle practitioners to transform your life

Weekly live events

Weekly portion of plant-powered recipes, podcast & book recommendations,
healthy lifestyle inspiration and exclusive banging discounts.