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Is it safe to say you have heard about the numerous benefits of mediation for both your mental and physical health? But do you actively do it?

This week we have the pleasure of speaking to the meditation master, Light Watkins.

Episode 12 – Light Watkins

“The reason why we are still talking about meditation and mindfulness thousands and thousands of years from when they were first discovered is because it is the only thing that can get us to that happiness that we all ultimately want to have. Which evidently is found inside, and you can’t pay somebody to give it to you… you have to sit down and do the opposite of what we normally are doing…”

Since 2007, Light Watkins has been teaching people from all walks of life how to enjoy a daily meditation practice. He’s taught thousands through his in-person trainings and retreats, and many more through his bestselling books and online courses.

His book, Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying (Random House, 2018), is still a favourite of the meditation community and was selected by Book Authority as one of the best meditation books of all time. 

Light has also written about the mechanics of happiness in his book, The Inner Gym: A 30-Day Workout for Strengthening Happiness(L&G Publishing, 2015), and most recently he’s writing extensively on inspiration in Knowing Where to Look: 108 Daily Doses of Inspiration (Sounds True, 2021).

“Flow state is earned, you have to act and execute it’s not something that you can intellectualise, you have to almost start out outcome orientated in order to get to that point of being process orientated”

Light takes us on a journey from his colourful past of penniless jumping on one way flights across the Atlantic, near death experiences, to finding his inner purpose and defining the importance of meditation, flowstate and prioritisation.

A wonderful conversation with a wonderful human being. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve x

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