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“It’s embarrassing to say: “I was the victim of abuse. I was the victim of domestic abuse.”

As a child her home meant violence, her security and safety was the streets – school did not understand her and wanted to punish her – she moved from one abusive relationship to the next one resulting in such physical damage it caused the death of her unborn child. Drugs and alcohol became her only companions, “I had burnt my life to the ground, I would ruin everything I touched because I wasn’t able to be myself, to be honest with myself.”

At the age of 25 something happened which changed her life…

Episode 18 – Jen Healy

Jen Healy is a qualified neuroscience life coach, Yin yoga teacher, and cacao facilitator.

Her difficult past has shaped her into the powerful, and inspiring woman she is today. With over 13 years of experience working frontline in addiction, homelessness and mental health, “I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the most complex cases as part of a multi-disciplinary team including GPs involuntary admissions team and the Resettlement team for the National Forensics Hospital (Central Mental hospital)”

Jen came down to the studio and brought a bar of “only female touched” cacao, “honing in on the feminine energies”. We sat in a circle, whispered our intentions as we sipped on the delicious warming drink – would you believe, this was our first cacao ceremony?! We might be enthusiastic vegan yogis but the thought of cacao ceremonies had even been too much for us.

We continued to sit and talk for nearly 2 hours during which Jen brought us through her challenging past, and the fundamental moments that has shaped her into being the woman she is today. Through all the depths of what she has been through has blossomed this wisdom, love, generosity, and the capacity to make others feel the emotions of what she and even others have gone through.

“She said: “Jen, victims don’t recover”, and I thought the neck of her! Who does she think she is?! I was fuming but I knew in my gut, this bitch is right… I felt like she had a shotgun of truth and I didn’t want to hear it… “The world owes me I have been wronged” – It was exactly what I needed.”

Jen has a charm and charisma that draws you in, she wears her vulnerability with pride allowing you to feel totally at ease and trust in her company. A powerful conversation that will bring tears to yours eyes, moments of laughter and leave you feeling warm.


Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve x

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