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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a nomad? To live on the road? Moving from one adventure to the next? 

How about living on the road and raising a family? Something many of us would think is impossible! How would you educate your kids? Give them a sense of belonging and grounding? How would you finance this lifestyle? How would you retain friendships and community?

Episode 90

Four years ago, our friend Marty and his family did just this! They packed what they could, sold the rest and left their home in Seattle for a life of adventure and learning on the road with their three kids. 

Instead of traveling to see places, they travel to find people! Building a network of creative and thoughtful families in fascinating places. 

In this episode we catch up with Marty in person, he explains how the decision to do such a move came about, and how he has managed to keep it up for the last four years and convincing many others to follow suit. Establishing their own boutique travel agency, Quartier Collective, which leverages the network they have created into short and long group travel events for families all over the world, blending learning, community and exploration with a deep sense of curiosity and gratitude. 

This episode will have you rethinking your next holiday, how you approach education, work and life balance. It will leave you with a whole new perspective on living as a family.

Lots of Love,

Dave and Steve x

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To find out more about Marty, his family and his travel agency check out their Instagram page: @quartiercollective

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