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Known as a ‘teacher of teachers’, this week we had the pleasure of speaking to Gary Gorrow, a Vedic Meditation Teacher, a Qualified Ayurvedic Health Coach, Mindfulness Expert and the Creator/Director of SOMA, a world class retreat in Byron Bay.

Episode 86 – Gary Gorrow

“Self hate is so deeply ingrained in us.”

Gary is passionate about empowering people with techniques that enable them to re-engineer their lives inside and out. His approach synthesises the best of modern science and ancient consciousness based practices. His students come from a range of backgrounds and include Google, GWS Giants, celebrities, CEO’s, health practitioners, athletes, entrepreneurs, creatives, grandparents and children.

This episode was a brilliant reminder for us to why we started on our meditation journey so many moons ago. Gary is truly a teacher of teachers, we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve

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