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This week we have the wonderful Dr Sue Kenneally with us, the weight management specialist!

A General Practitioner, nutritionist and co-founder of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr Sue sits on the board of Plant Based Health Professionals UK and is SCOPE certified in obesity management, working with the University of South Wales in the study of weight management.

Episode 19 – Dr Sue Kenneally

We have known Sue for years, having first met her at The Plant-based Doctor Conference in London where we connected immediately. Aside from her qualifications, Sue’s deep understanding of the difficulties of weight  management comes from her own personal experience as well as her empathetic nature, “I am not naturally slim myself, I have to work hard to maintain my own weight, and I know that the challenge is real!”

After our first encounter in London, we kept up our friendship which eventually blossomed into The Happy Shape Course! A 4 week course where along with Dietician, Rosie Martin, and PT, Zanna Van Dijk, the five of us take on what it truly means to have a happy shape, through education, movement, sleep, food, nutrition, community and most importantly having fun! We debunk the myths, ensure you are never hungry or lacking in delicious food and connect you with a group of like minded people so you forever feel supported.

“Getting someone to change their relationship with food is like getting someone to change their relationship with any addictive substance. The only difference is if I am dealing with a heroin addict I can tell them to stop taking heroin and support them to do that, but I can’t tell someone who is addicted to food to stop eating…”

In this episode, Dr Sue takes us through the most common mistakes people make for weight management, the differences between men and women, why calorie counting is pointless, and practical tips you can apply now.

A great episode! Enjoy!


Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve x

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