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“How many people – youngsters going in to do exams, people going to do a public talk…- respond to these stressful situation with hyperventilation, respond with fast, harder breathing, with mouth breathing and with irregular breathing… what is that telling the brain? That it is under threat!”

Episode 26 – Patrick McKeown

You could say our breathwork journey started 20 years ago when we began yoga, however, we only really began to understand the vast and sheer importance of it in the last few years.

When we first discover Patrick Mckeown and his work we knew we had to get him on the podcast! This episode is our second attempt at recording with Patrick, our unfortunately ended in technical issues… or was it unfortunate? What was originally planned to be a remote recording resulted in Patrick driving down to us, spending the afternoon with us, having lunch and recording in person. Thank you technology for not always working!

Patrick McKeown is one of the world’s leading experts on breathing and sleep. Over the last 20 years, he has coached thousands of people to breathe better, to improve their health, mental focus, and sports performance. He has authored bestselling books including Asthma Free Naturally, Close Your Mouth, The Oxygen Advantage and The Breathing Cure, and his research is published in journals including the Journal of Clinical Medicine. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology in the UK for his contribution to the fields of breathing and sleep medicine.

Patrick is the founder of Buteyko Clinic International, the largest Buteyko Breathing Clinic in the world. In 2014, he created his own science-backed breathwork training program, Oxygen Advantage®, which continues to develop in line with his clinical experience as a breathing coach, and with the latest scientific research. He has trained thousands of breathing instructors in both methods.

We could have spoken for hours. Patrick’s knowledge on breath is (pardon the pun)“breathtaking”! From his back story of overcoming asthma to his extensive knowledge on how breathing affects your anatomy, how you sleep, anxiety, stress, your health and so much more…

Patrick has also kindly offered 50% off for anyone who uses the promo code HAPPYPEAR50 on either of his books: Atomic Focus or The Breathing Cure

A great episode! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve x

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To find out more about Patrick and his work check out: https://buteykoclinic.com and www.oxygenadvantage.com

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